As a Believer, How Am I to View the Enneagram?

This is a question that is coming up in conversations among Christians more and more often over the last few years. Just recently, in a biblical counseling situation, I was told by the counselee.

I did the enneagram test and found out I am a 6, a Loyalist. When I looked at what that means, it really helped my understand myself, understand why I am the way I am. It helped my understand why I battle between strong emotional bonding and loyalty to others; and codependency, anxiety, and low self-image.

As we talked through her self-assessment, it was clear this person has little clear, biblical understanding of not only how we end up with the battles we do, but also what God’s answers and solutions are to those matters.

This blog post in an effort to clarify for this person and many others who ask me, “How am I as a Christian to think about and view the enneagram?”

Instead of reinventing the wheel, if you will, I am reblogging an article by Kevin DeYoung that was posted on The Gospel Coalition’s website on February 1, 2018: Enneagram: The Road Back to You, Or to Somewhere Else?

(While I cannot agree with and support everything The Gospel Coalition publishes, there often are excellent articles written that are worth reading. This is one of those.)

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