Pro-Life Laws Will Make Abortion Possible

The following is being re-blogged, by permission of the original author, because it eloquently articulates my own views. I fully anticipate people on the pro-life side of things being unaccepting of the message, in spite of its truth and import. They will have to sort that out with their Creator.

“Dear Pro-Lifers,
Please seriously and prayerfully consider this message. I am not trying to ruin your party, rain on your parade, or burst your bubble. I am trying to help you. Come, let us reason together.

When hospitals all across America start paying doctors to perform abortions within their walls, it will be the triumphs of pro-life legislation which drove them there.

Let me explain.

Passing laws that temporarily shut down abortion clinics because they are not close enough to hospitals only strengthens the abortion industry and inadvertently acknowledges the practice of child sacrifice as part of our nation’s healthcare system.

Abortion is not health care and we should not be fighting it by passing health-code rules and regulations.

1. Abortion is not any less murderous when it is carried out within 30 miles of a hospital.

2. The abortion industry will meet these regulations.

3. They will clean up their acts and build new killing centers.

4. Some “clinics” will close, but those remaining will pick up the slack.

5. Shutting down clinics doesn’t halt abortion; it just makes people who choose to sacrifice their children drive further.

6. People who choose abortion will only be comforted by the knowledge that the “service” they are seeking is that much safer.

7. They will perform abortions within hospitals if you pass laws against performing them everywhere else.

8. Once child murder services are being performed in hospitals on a widespread basis, the fungibility (sic?) of funds, facilities, and equipment becomes yet another obstacle to abolition, as now the aborticians and their staffs will be further protected by the legitimacy and reputation of the hospital.

Do you not see that the abortion industry only gets stronger as they build bigger and better clinics to meet your pro-life standards? Do you not see that they (like you) just raise money from their so-called defeats? Have you not come to realized that no matter how many clinics you shut down, millions of babies are still being aborted every year? Do you not see that the devil himself would allow you to take a few pieces off the board so long as he constantly has you in check mate?

Pro-choicers have long stated that they believe abortion should be kept “safe, legal, and rare”.

Pro-lifers are positively helping them make it more safe (for the women murdering their babies) and inadvertently keeping it legal because they are focused on making it more rare.

Temporarily shutting down clinics by regulating (and thereby strengthening) the abortion industry might give you

We’ve been regulating abortion for forty plus years and it is time that we focus our attention on REPENTANCE, RENEWAL, and REVIVAL. A revival of true Christianity alone holds the key to abolishing human abortion. Repentance will precede revival and revolution will follow it. Abolition will be the fruit of providential revolution. It will not be the gradual end result of pragmatic incremental regulation.

Repentance and revival alone will enable us to sway the country against the practice of child sacrifice. These regulatory schemes are actually delusive distractions.

The abortion industry itself may fight against these rules and regulations… but in the end, they will play by your rules so long as their bloody practice is not brought under the law against murder.

We are at war with powers and principalities and they are more powerful than you are when you try to fight them within the carnal system they have set up for themselves – abortion as healthcare. If you go to war with these spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places using worldly wisdom (incremental legislation), you will be losing even when you think you are winning.

But when we fight by the spirit of God now dwelling richly within us and bring His Word against the evil of our age, triumph is inevitable. We will conquer abortion by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of our testimony. We will not conquer it by regulating it.

Thank you for reading this message. I hope and pray that you are able to see it for what it is and assess it with the mind of Christ.

Something to celebrate for a short time, but for those of us who do not want to celebrate “victories” against legalized child sacrifice for the next 40 years, we need to rethink our strategies and focus our work on calling the nation to total and immediate repentance for the national sin of abortion.”
Thanks to T. Russell Hunter for permission to re-blog!


Published by: Pastor Warren Lamb

God has granted me the honor of being adopted as one of His sons and of serving His people as a Bible teacher and Biblical counselor. My primary area of counseling expertise is often referred to as "high-end" counseling: survivors of trauma and abuse, especially childhood sexual abuse, church abuse, narcissistic abuse, domestic oppression, sex-trafficking, kidnapping, and sole-survivor counseling. As a survivor myself, God uses my own healing journey to help bring hope and healing to others (a la 2 Cor. 1:3-4). Abuse and oppression are NEVER okay with God! When it comes to oppression and abuse, there is no "Switzerland," no neutral territory - you either side with the oppressor or with the oppressed; there is no middle ground. To find out more, visit our website

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4 thoughts on “Pro-Life Laws Will Make Abortion Possible”

  1. That was well said. Abortion is murder even when it is safe, and it is an active judgment that we as a nation need to repent from. This is a result of a culture that wants to practice safe sex and is ready to open the doors to the closet for everyone to see the trash in it. It needs to be a culture that repents because of a fear of their judge and is brought to repentance so that they through the grace of God they clean the closet. Let us teach as to keep sex in the marriage bed where it is designed to bring glory to the God who created it for the covenant of husband and wife.

    1. Thank you for your comment. You are right on the money with your assessment of the underlying brokenness in our paradigm that has transformed Christianity into Church-Going.

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