Picking Through the Rubble

Doug has captured well the dissonance and incoherence of those who rail against the Bible alone as God’s Word to mankind. Well worth the read, I say…

the sanctified muse

image006I was trading e-mails with an old friend the other day when, quite unintentionally, I declared myself to be “the supreme authority on the meaning of Scripture.” Really. That’s what he said.

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Published by: Pastor Warren Lamb

God has granted me the honor of being adopted as one of His sons and of serving His people as a Bible teacher and Biblical counselor. My primary area of counseling expertise is often referred to as "high-end" counseling: survivors of trauma and abuse, especially childhood sexual abuse, church abuse, narcissistic abuse, domestic oppression, sex-trafficking, kidnapping, and sole-survivor counseling. As a survivor myself, God uses my own healing journey to help bring hope and healing to others (a la 2 Cor. 1:3-4). Abuse and oppression are NEVER okay with God! When it comes to oppression and abuse, there is no "Switzerland," no neutral territory - you either side with the oppressor or with the oppressed; there is no middle ground. To find out more, visit our website https://tilbcc.com

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